Account pending to activation

I opened my account two days ago and still not working. They send me an email saying that they i will hearing from them in 24 hours, but nothing so far. I Decided to close the account and refund my money but the option for closing the account its not displayed. So what i can do?

Open a ticket with support. It will be forwarded to approvals. Shockingly the people in approvals only approve during regular business hours west coast USA time (GMT-8). Meaning holiday weekends like this (in the USA Monday is a holiday) can go about 3.5 days before you hear from them if you got diverted to manual approval early evening on Friday.

The “24 hours” in the email is just a blatant lie… It’s been this way for years, it’s more noticeable on a holiday weekend, but it actual over 24 anytime you get sent to manual approval after business hours on a Friday.

Thanks Lakerat. I’ll just have to wait then and see what happens

I apologize for the delay, I see your account had to be manually approved and is now active! If you have any further issues or questions feel free to let me know.