Account pending since 14 hours ago


I’ve tried twice to contact customer services (#5807364 and #5806987) to no avail, our account is still pending approval as of 14 hours ago and starting to lose hope a bit, it says to contact someone if it still showing pending after 3 hours.

Feeling frustrated at signing up for a paid service that we are unable to use…

Hello evieandbecca,

I apologize for any frustration! I have forwarded both your tickets to the Approvals Dept. as a priority. Unfortunately, They will not be back in the office until Monday at which time they will process your pending account. I want to thank you for your patience until then, it is greatly appreciated. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Matt C
Dreamhost Staff

I guess when the email or whatever the pending account sees got worded they didn’t think about/consider weekends. Seems like that wording could do a better job of setting expectations. Almsot every weekend at least one, if not more new accounts, has to post in the forum questioning the approvals process. This however is the first time I’ve gotten a hint that there is an incorrect expectation being set.