Account Pending - past 24 hours


My account still says pending.

I’ve changed the at to point here as directed.

But i can’t make any users or add any emails yet, which i’m attributing to the fact that the account is still pending.


That assumption would be correct :wink:

Which method of payment did you use?

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Are you from outside the United States and/or did you use Google Checkout? For some reason, those accounts seem to take longer to activate than others.

If you’re looking for any specific advice or to try to get an explanation why things are taking a while, you should really contact support. This is a customer to customer forum, so none of us here can really be of much use to you.

Hope things get sorted out good and quick! :slight_smile:


i can’t figure out how to contact support. the chat doesn’t work do some kind of error.

cant’ seem to find an email either.

anyway, i’m in the united states. i used the google payment method, because it seemed like the prominent choice.


Give this form a try:


We’ve heard that Google Checkout payments can take a little longer to process, but it’s also generally the case that approvals can take much longer if your account gets flagged for manual fraud checking.

Can you log in to your web panel? If so, you should just be able to submit a ticket, though if you’re still in process, that may not necessarily speed the process along.

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finally activated. about 36hours to do so after i put in a ticket.

thanks for the replies.


What was the total time it took? Two and a half days?