Account pending approval?

Hey, I signed up for the 777 package about 6 hrs ago. After I submitted my CC info I got a error page (sql errors).

Now, I got emailed a receipt saying my CC was charged and everything was ok.

Now,when I log in, under my account it says This account is currently pending approval.
And no domains. And my domain still comes up as open in Network solutions.

I told a few guys about this deal 2 hrs ago and there accounts are already up and running.

Domain is

Any idea? I think this had something to do with the error I got after signup

Write customer support if you haven’t already. What userid is this?

I did. but it said 400ish request in the pool. lol. might take a while

Userid is jgs348

I have the exact same problem, I emailed customer service as well, but also am in line behing ~460 people, I’ll try to remember to come back here and update this in case anyone else has this problem after mine is sorted out.
my domain is
and user id is dmayhill

well, my account was finally approved, still no word from cust. service though, so I guess just waiting is all I needed