Account pending approval... still


I’m new to DH.

Registered my domain on Friday, Jan 18th and received emails from both Google Checkout and DH saying that my order was placed and payment was received. When I log in, I see that no money is owed.

I was hoping to have an informal blog set up by tomorrow, but I can’t seem to do anything with my account like add a subdomain or install a 1-click app. It simply says: “You have no plans on this account that allow hosting a domain.”

This is listed in the left column of the control panel:

Account Information
This account is currently pending approval.
If you've already made payment your account should be activated within one business day.

How long have people had to wait for this? I’m getting a bit anxious. I posted a support request yesterday but so far I’ve just received an email saying that my “inquiry has been moved to the queue of a specific tech support team member.” So, since this is becoming increasingly time critical, I thought I should try this forum as well.

Am I missing something simple/obvious?

Many thanks!


You’re not missing anything. Sometimes it takes a few days; especially on a holiday weekend. The key phrase is “activated within one business day.” One business day from Friday will be Tuesday.



Thanks, Scott.

My recent work/sleep habits have blurred the lines between weekdays and weekends.

After seeing your post, I sent a different support request asking if they could activate it before Tuesday and they actually got me up and running before I awoke Monday morning.