Account pending and pay money problem

I register a new account, and give my credit card information in the web page.
Now I have some problems:
1. my account shows “pending” when I enter it.
2. When I click “have us call you now”, after a web page refresh, nothing happened.
3. my Plan is “$119.40 yearly ($9.95 per month)
(Discounted to $22.40 for your first year!)” , but my credit card payed 11.95$ when I submit my account open request. And I see this information in “Manage Account” — "You currently owe: $10.45"
So those date confuses me so much… What should I finally pay?
Why my plan is 22.40$, but I only payed 11.95$ from my credit card, and the Manage Account show that I owe 10.45$ ?

  My account number is #1553363 "pengfei's Account"
  Hope can help! Thanks and BR!

When you register it’s possible to have automated approval. However you have fallen into the category of requiring manual approval. That dept at dreamhost only works during west coast USA business hours monday thru friday, so you should hear back from someone in approvals over about the next 8 hours.

The second thing that you have going on is that it appears you registered a domain as part of the registration process. These are charged to you immediately as there is no 2 week free trial, when you register a domain it’s yours to use for a year, whether with a hosting package purchased at dreamhost, or whether you “point” it to hosting elsewhere. At the end of the two week free “hosting” trial you can elect to make the domain you have already paid for ($11.95) the free domain that’s included in the hosting package, if you continue the hosting. more info:

Thanks very much for your quick and strong support.
yes. I buy a free domain in registration process. That is clear.

So, how is this domain’s Whois information? Is this the information when I register the Dreamehost?


When you register a domain, domain privacy is turned on by default. If you wish to display other information in the whois you can turn that off, but you will have to wait for account approval first. more info:

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot.