Account Pending 2+ Days

Hi DreamHost,

This is ridiculous. My recent account has been in a pending status for over 2 days now. In the meantime I have sent 3 tickets with no responses. What’s going on? FYI, the ID of my first ticket is #5869872.

Is it normal to wait over 2 days to get any type of response or solution?



On weekends yes. If the automated system throws you out for a manual approval then you have to wait until normal business hours monday-friday before anything will happen.

If you take a gander through the forum, it’s perhaps the only single issue that gathers posts weekly, and without missing a week.

It was even pointed out last week that one of the messages a new customer sees is that the manual process should take less than 24 hours, but it seems like it could take 60 or more hours if your timing is the worst.

It would seem this problem should be really easy to solve too.