Account not active

…looked in the KB and saw it usually takes between 1 to 2 hrs to get it active. so its been like 12 now…lol. I am not transferring my name. just hosting. I did start late(well 11pm PST) last night, but got the 1st email with DNS names fast. Just wondering if this is normal…or should i go ahead and send in a tech ticket

Some accounts are subject to human review before they are activated. The is done to weed out fraud. Sometimes it takes 24 hours or so. If it takes longer than that, just email support.

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It took around 24 hours for my account to be approved, from what I’ve read in the forums and the knowledge base somewhere around 20% of all applications are flagged for manual approval. The delay is normal I’m afraid but it is for good reasons as bwd pointed out above.

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