Account not active/ftp issues

I moved our domain over to Dreamhost on Wednesday and paid for the account on Thursday using Paypal. The account still says it is not active and Dreamhost is telling me that Paypal isn’t showing a record of the payment. I sent them the payment record today. We have had no trouble in the past using Paypal with other ISPs and the payment cleared immediately. For some reason, the Paypal is showing it will take until December 14 to clear but it hasn’t been like this in the past. What gives with Dreamhost and Paypal? How do I fix this? The DNS record has already propagated through the network and is waiting on Dreamhost to add it on their side.

I also asked for a temporary FTP address to FTP the files and that account isn’t working either. How do I get a working temporary FTP account?


Once your qccount is activated then you’ll get FTP access and everything, till then I’m afraid you’re stuck.

Don’t know if you can cancel the paypal payement, but if you can why not do so and just pay with a credit card through DH? That would probably be faster. If all else fails, the 14th is only two days away… I know that sucks, but it’s not far off.

This seems to be a paypall issue, not a DH thing, if forwhat ever reason paypal scheduled the payement for the 14th, then that’s when DH will get the money, and then they’ll acivate your account. Anyays, paypall blows and I don’t think it’s a very good company to do business with. just my little opinion…


The payment cleared Paypal today. The questions that remain are when will Dreamhost find about it and add the account?

I sent them the details I had in the Paypal account. I hope it expedites the request.