Account is Pending

Purchased VPS hosting and my account is still pending. I sent couple of emails but not a single respond! You are saying 7/24 support yet I can hear nothing from you. You don’t have online support agents on chat, but the worst you aren’t replying back to my tickets.

Wonderful service and customer satisfaction guys, keep it up!
You guys suck! 24/7 in-house support doesn’t mean you have 24 hours to answer my tickets. It means I have to get immediate response from a support agent who is eager to solve my problem. I created almost 10 tickets, created a thread on you forum, and I would call you if you would have shared your phone number.

I’ve chosen you according to the reviews on TrustPilot but it seems they are all payed persons to promote your customer service and I must say I haven’t seen such thing.

Long story short, it’s better for both of us to end this relationship before it starts. I want my money back as immediately as you get it! So that means NOW!

Here is the list of my previously created tickets:

  • #7171534
  • #7171547
  • #7171581
  • #7171608
  • #7171625
  • #7171627
  • #7171628
  • #7171629
  • #7171630
  • #7171633
  • #7171635

I don’t know the whole story here, but I do know that dreamhost will give you your money back if that’s what you want.

Historically, these things called manual account approvals have been a pain point for some new customers. Those who don’t breeze thru with an automated approval do get thrown into a manual queue for approval, and that queue is not maintained in real time 24/7. Instead it’s handled during business hours on the US west coast (GMT-8).

At one time that meant no weekend coverage as well. However in recent years they have provided weekend coverage, but still only daylight hours. It seems tho that something may have happened with the weekends because there has been several recent weekend complaints.

Dreamhost does stand by its 97 day money back guarantee tho.

You have created seven support tickets in the space of eleven numbers. And there was about 40minutes between your forum post and the edit, at 9/10pm on a Saturday. I am not sure why you expect sending so many tickets will mean they are dealt with any quicker! I can reassure you that DH is a real company and as LakeRat says honours its money back guarantee.

The 24/7 support I think is not for everything, but managing technical problems with servers. DreamHost’s web site when selecting ‘Sales’ does show its support as:

[quote]Sales Department Hours:

Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm PST
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed[/quote]

Customer Support
Ultimately your frustration is based on a perception of poor customer service.

The text on the Contact page which says Sales & Support, at your service. 24/7 in-house support, here when you need us. is confusing and misleading. I don’t know DreamHost’s customer base, but as a non-American, I have no clue what PST is, so showing times in GMT would be good as it is pretty universally recognised.

The published hours for Sales Department on the Contact page would also suggest DreamHost decided the weekend cover wasn’t worth the cost ($£€); but the increase in threads about account pending issues may suggest sometimes you cannot properly place a monetary value on reputation and first impressions.

In addition DH should inform customers of realistic time frames for manual approvals, which should be shown on the signup process and emailed, e.g. our Office reopens in 7 hours and you are 27th in the queue, we expect to have dealt with your account in 9hours.

Similarly ideally all support tickets in any autoresponse should give position in queue/expected timeframe for being dealt with.