Account is disabled

I could get back my files and databases from my suspended account!

I don’t know why my account has been disabled? My Invoice Number: 163052-2007-07-08-1

I have paid 2 years hosting but I only use it in 1 year and has been disable. Because I trust DreamHost and don’t create any backup from 3 months ago. Now, I want get my file from disable account.

Please help me

This is primarily a customer-to-customer forum. You’ll have to contact DreamHost support or the abuse department in order to find out what happened to your account.

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Well, we can sympathize with your situation, but that is about all we can do here - this is a customer-to-customer forum and, while DH staff sometimes drops by, they very rarely post here.

You should or file a support ticket from the control panel (be prepared to wait a bit for a response, as your situation is possibly an abuse issue, and will require their input). You can also contact the Abuse department directly at

“Trust” is an admirable thing, but you should never trust your only copies of any important to file to a single computer system - particularly, one that you do not own and/or control.

Good Luck!


Oops! Sorry about the “what he said” post - once again it appears I was still typing while your posted your answer! HA!


I wonder if we can just get a bot to respond to frequent requests with the standard answer?

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We do have a bot. It’s the ‘rlparker’ process. Though it only runs every 5 minutes and often replies to messages already answered.

We’d be better off having the Support/Abuse people append a message of:

“Please don’t bother the people on the forum with this issue. It’s already been answered - try doing a search instead of a post. No, your case isn’t different. No, they can’t fix it for you. If you submit a trouble ticket for this, don’t count on a reply anytime soon. The trouble is on your end. We’ve fixed the problem on our end.”

Now I’ll sit back and wait for the karma to kick in and suspend my account.


That’s actually a good idea.

I’ve never seen the termination notice, but in cases where there will be no reversal, they should put something like:

“Please note that this decision is final and not open for further discussion. All account access is disabled permanently, including the ability to retrieve files or databases.”

If it’s something that can be corrected, then I’d imagine they’d include that info anyway, like remove a certain user, delete a certain file, etc…

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Ha! Nice one there! :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t often do that "what he said " repeat-reply thing, but it has caught me a few times.

I’m vote for a “better” bot myself - though I like your suggested Support/Abuse message addendum quite a lot! :wink: