Account is currently pending


Hey !
I have this this issue : account is currently pending. Please have us call you now for immediate approval! I tried to ask support - 3 hours ago but no answer…

What to do? It has been like that for about 5 hours.
i’ve completed the subscripton and the payment has went through but on my page it’s saying that my account is still pending

Hope someone can tell me what to do … :confused:


Dreamhost’s approvals dept only manually approves Monday thru Friday during normal business hours PST (GMT-8).

Posts just like yours show up almost every weekend.


Okay. Sorry then. I did expect it to be setup within 3 hours like DH writs in their wiki. But I do see lots of others posted the same issue but in time got it sorted. Well like most I just hate waiting more than 2 min. for a server :wink: But there is no way around … :slight_smile: Thx anyhow.


Indeed, I wish they did it differently as well. It would seem to me Dreamhost could solve this one pretty easily, or at least better explain it if they can’t. I don’t know if it still occurs but the screen at least at one time told people manual approval should take no more that 24 hours, which becomes a lie each and every Friday afternoon.


I do agree with you on that LakeRat.
If only they made it clear :slight_smile: Tho they don´t wanna scare ppl off from signing up…

Coming from other web hosts it is new that this is not done automatic since most hosting (I know off) set you hosting/ server up any time a day - 24/7 whit in few minutes. So coming to DH and waiting for more than 16 hours like I been doing now is making most ppl get scared if something is wrong or if you wasted money on some scram… Not saying DH is a scam just pointing out ppl can get nervous, not knowing what to expect.

Well I do hope they are doing something about it soon. Have to say I´am loosing my patience :wink:


approval can occur automatically, and if it does the experience is much like you describe, instant access.

But if for some reason one of the security checks fails and you get bounced to manual approval the delay on weekends and holidays is pretty much unacceptable, especially if the screen doesn’t explain it explicitly enought to say “you will not here from anyone until normal business hours monday”, they could even taylor the message to when it was delivered meaning the message on weeknights would be different than what it say on weekends.


The present system has the advantage of letting everyone know that there is a steady stream of new customers seeking to join, which is good for everyone’s morale.