Account is currently pending...why?

Recently i paid $11.95 to register a new domain, but after logging in , its showing “This account is currently pending…!”

Please its very urgent for me to host my domain, please activate my account , give me my domain details.

My account info:
username : ashsin12
account number: #1473342
email :

Please activate my account as soon as possible

and i checked my credit card you have charged $11.95 for a new domain registration , but if i go here and check my domain its showing 'still available"

Kindly revert me back, its very urgent for me.


Hi Ashutosh,

Thank you for contacting us for support! Our support team has your ticket! I sent it over to our approvals department to look into as soon as they get in the office today. They will be in shortly (8am/9am PST) I want to thank you for your patience while they process your account, it is greatly appreciated.

Matt C
DreamHost Staff