Account is currently pending approval

How long does it take for my account to be approved? It has been about 21 hours and im wondering how long it is going to be before I can start working on my site. Also, how long does it usally take for a support ticket to be awnsered? I sent one yesterday and I am wondering when it will be replied to.

Support tickets are usually replied to in <24 hours, but DH has been very busy lately.

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yea, well I hope to get approved soon. Going on 25 hours, hope to see it tommorrow.

…only 25 hours?

I sent a money order in on February 16, and the bank/post office both said it should take a MAX of 9 days to get there (I’m mailing from Canada).

It’s been two weeks… .so minus 9 equals 5 days. My account is still “account is currently pending approval”. How long does it usually take for people who pay by money order?

woah, money order explains the slowness. My account was acviated without 1hour… and my domain was online within 2 or something hours. Im not sure how fast they are around here, but i think there slow. So just keep checking your email and good luck! Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

Thanks for the luck! Yeah I don’t have a credit card so this was my only option… I figured at least 2 weeks but now I’m getting anxious. Note to self: NEVER pay for anything by money order again and get a damn credit card. XD

I wonder why it’s taking so long… I have a webpage to make! haha

I don’t think mine is working it says in there on the knowlage base that your domain will show up in your cpanel and then you will be able to make mail accounts and stuff and it says in my account that it is still pending approval when i used a credit card and it says that there is no service added

How long has it been since you signed up?

last night it says it is still pending and yet it has nothing in it so i can’t do anything with it

Certain credit cards take a while to process. Mine took about 24 hours.

well mine has been up to almost 50 and i think i did something wrong it has nothing in it it says i have no service registered i am hoping it isn’t going to take any longer… Could it be that i put my real age instead of my grandmas because she bought it…

I don’t think you did anything wrong… because I’ve been waiting for 10 days now and STILL have “This account is currently pending approval.”

i registered 3 dirrerent accounts, last Thursday. On Sunday night one account was approved, i am still waiting for the other two. i used the same credit card. i can wait a little longer before i need them but its kinda frustrating when you have paid for a service and cant use it

wait how did you get yours approved sunday and yet me and that other person got ours a long time ago what time did you get it approved i really need mine…

Yeah I wonder about that myself…

…14 days now. :frowning: