Account half alive

So I just subscribed following a referrer link given by friends but something went wrong (as always, I’m not lucky with this stuff).

I reached step 6 of the registration, the one when I have to pay with my CC. I pressed the button and it just sat there (using Firefox).

This confirmation arrived in my mail:

This is an email receipt for your recent payment you just made to
DreamHost Web Hosting.

Time: 2005-04-19 14:46:09
Transaction ID: 769983
Amount: $69.90 (USD)
Applied to Account #: 89801

But the registration process was obviously not completed since I didn’t receive anything else and the browser isn’t moving to the last step.

Of course I’m not going to press again the happy button “Charge my card now!” to avoid double charge.

What now?

I received a new mail even if the browser is still sitting at step 6.

I guess it should be all I need.

Hi Abalieno,
if you’re seeing problems with your account, then you need to contact support. The forum can help you with “how”-type questions, but only the support can fix things for you.

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