Account Hacked - Need Help Immediately

My account was hacked. I can no longer log in. They changed my associated email address and password. They have already successfully charged $310.95 to my bank account, which is how I noticed the hack.

I’ve attempted to contact support 3 times in the last 24 hours. I have included the Abuse email address as well. No response.

I want to give your team an opportunity to make this right before I proceed with a opening a dispute investigation with VISA.

Please help.


Hi Dan, sorry to hear about this. We can’t do anything from the forums to help in this case. I’ve nudged the colleagues who handle these cases to make them look at the support queue for your tickets.
Hopefully you’ve provided all the information requested in

Thank you. I understand that this is not the correct avenue, but I’m running out of options/time.

I would contest the VISA charge in any case, by the way: if it has been used for fraud, it probably needs to be revoked anyway.

Yeah, I’ve had the card in question closed. I also called and left a message on the phone number attached to the fraud transaction. But, the menus were a bit confusing, so I’m not convinced the phone message went to the right department.

I did just find my webID, which I sent to you as well as a few more details regarding the series of events that led to this point. Please pass that along to the support team.


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