Account hacked, how do I contact Dreamhost?

My email was hacked and my password changed. When I tried to access my web panel to fix it, I got a message that my IP was not authorized and I needed to request an authorization code. I did that but of course the code was sent to my email access which I can’t access, and now the hacker has it.

How can I get in touch with Dreamhost to fix this problem? I’ve tried emailing from another email but they haven’t responded.

use this form:

Keep in mind this will likely move forward very slowly and that dreamhost has a very specific process that you must follow. Why it’s not just simple? Maybe you’re the hacker trying to get access to the account…

Thanks LakeRat. After discovering that my multiple emails to support had not been read, I did discover that form and filled it out. Waiting for them to get back to me.

Hi otismaxwell,

If you are not able to access the panel to send in a support ticket. Like LakeRat mentioned please contact us here: be sure to use the “Abuse Department” option and include as many details as possible (acct# domain name etc) and let us know the name it was submitted from and we can get it escalated over to our security/abuse team to look into the issue,

Matt C

Thanks all. I am back up and running after verifying my info. Per DH Matt C, when you fill out the web form it’s important to address it to the Abuse Department. On my first contact I’d addressed it to another department (don’t recall which) but a later submission to Abuse was answered first.