Account Disabled


Hello. I have 2 accounts which are disabled. There are more than 650+ domains in the both VPS accounts. More than 30 hours there is not a single reply to my emails. I just want to get my content back its more than 1 year of hard work and spent a lot of money, and they are gone now. Please someone contact me. Both accounts are clavyb and jasonmartin1.


Hello There,

I see that our Security/Abuse Team has replied to your original ticket concerning your disabled account. You can view their reply here if you did not receive the email.

They have your recently submitted ticket and will update you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated.

Matt C
DreamHost Staff


Thanks for the quick reply Matt. I have still not recieved email nor the ticket in the ticket history. It would be good if they resend it. Kind regards


Our Security/Abuse team will update your open tickets as quickly as possible and will send the update email to the address provided. Thank you for your patience as they look into your tickets.

Matt C


Thanks! Every moment is very important to us. Websites are already losing google page ranks, backlinks etc etc…and most important, we are losing money. We need a working solution!


Hello again,
I was contacted by DreamHost representative, but unfortunately we still didnt solve the situation and have no answer again. He said he unlocked the FTP and domains, but its still not accessible. Please check up whats happening. We need access to the content and SQL databases, and also possibility to transfer domains on another registrar. Please answer as soon as possible.


Please reply to the message you received from the DreamHost Security/Abuse representative. We cannot provide support for your situation in this forum.