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My law firm, Thomas and Solomon LLP, uses Dreamhost to host our legal case websites. We use the account dts (#90278). However since today morning, none of our websites are working. Some of the websites that are hosted on Dreamhost are,,, etc.

Can someone inform us about what is happening to our websites and what can be done to resolve this as soon as possible?


If you can login to the panel, your account is not disabled. It’s more likely a problem with hosting. They don’t disable an account like that without notice. (I hope!) I get a bad_httpd_conf error on the first two domains, the third one times out. So not a DNS problem. It seems to be a problem with Apache.

This is a discussion forum, not a support forum. File a ticket via the panel or write an email to .

A good place to start (since they don’t appear to be disabled) is:


I suggest you contact the owner of that account. They were notified of this situation on Mar 9th, 2010, and have been in repeated contact with DreamHost regarding the status of the account.

They have been told repeatedly the circumstances regarding these sites, and all the other sites, hosted under that account.

Any information with regard to this must be obtained from the account owner; any resolution with regard to the disposition of these sites in in their hands.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Okay, from all the information that I gathered, dreamhost assumed that our websites were involved in Spamdexing. I can understand why this misunderstanding happened, since most of our domains are based on our legal cases.

The problem is that DreamHost tried to contact us through the account’s messaging system. However the person who was in charge of the accounts had quit and I am supposed to be the new person in charge of the websites. Obviously, I wasn’t familiar with any of the messaging system, or even the account on this website. Call it bad luck or incompetence, but I obviously didn’t read the messages when I logged in about more than 10 days back. I didn’t even know where to read these system messages - they apparently weren’t set up to be forwarded to my main email inbox as I would have liked to set them up.

For whatever it’s worth, it would be nice if Dreamhost acknowledges this as a misunderstanding and re-enables our account and our websites.

I find it somewhat amazing that you decided to take this discussion public in light of the disclaimer you posted in your communications with us about this earlier, which I quote:

Having noted that, but now seeing your inclusion of much of that communication here in a public forum, I will provide a single, and final, public response to your message here (as you appear to have no concern for your claim of attorney privilege here).

That the account under which your sites were hosted was mismanaged is unfortunate, but the mismanagement (which I will refrain from attributing to either bad-luck or incompetence - you may characterize it as you see fit) of this account was not mismanagement on the part of DreamHost.

We can only contact account holders via the contact information they provide, and we do not have sufficient power of prescience to know when an account holder may change their email address and can no longer receive vital communications regarding their account.

I am also sorry that no one in your organization knew that all communications regarding an account are available via the “Support History” section of the panel, even if email has not been read.

Our administrator’s position regarding the continued hosting of the sites on this account has been reviewed, and that decision is final. You have been provided the access required to recover the existing content of your sites so that you can host republish them elsewhere.

I regret any inconvenience this causes you, or your firm, but I respectfully suggest at this point that further public discussion with regard to this is unproductive.

I only responded here because I felt it was misleading for you to intimate that an account was “disabled” without notification, as this was not the case here and I felt it was, at best, disingenuous for you to protest ignorance of the circumstance, and take the position of an aggrieved party in public, after your web developer had discussed this whole situation with our staff.

With respect, we decline to discuss this matter further with you in a public forum. My best advice to you here is to retrieve your data and arrange to host your sites elsewhere.

In that endeavor, I sincerely wish you all the best.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Techies: 1, Law Firm: 0. Whoda thunk?


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