Account disabled

hi all,

My account was disabled due to someone complained that I sent spam emails.

Well, I was just sending newsletters to members of my users. All these members registered their accounts on their warranty because they will receive an activation confirmation email before their account is activated. Then here comes the problem. The Dreamhost staff said I didn’t record the users’ registration IP and registration date. I did record them as the database was fully designed for such feature. But due to the program’s problem, not all users’ IP and date were recorded. In a word, the information that Dreamhost Staff wanted is just not incomplete, not available.

Now Dreamhost just disabled my account and won’t send me response for my support requests. They don’t even give me a chance to backup my website, all my memory on the dreamhost.

Could anyone help me? Any ideas will be appreciated.



Perhaps you could request that Dreamhost provide a random selection of those who’s details apparently weren’t recorded, you could then contact that list via other means and ask that they confirm with Dreamhost in some manner that they are indeed customers of yours. This could be as simple as returning your email with the words “YES I opted in.” on the first line. You could then collate all received emails, zip them up, and send them in to Dreamhost as a form of proof that you are the victim here, rather than the evil spammer some undefined person/script thinks you might be.

I don’t use the Discussion List feature here, but I’m curious. How many were on your list?

Did Dreamhost give you an indication that a person or entity actually put in a formal complaint to them, or if it was a script that picked your account out for an audit?

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yes, the dreamhost staff mentioned that some guy complained to them.

Whatever I explained in my latest emails, they just won’t response to my emails any more. sad.

That’s kinda scary…

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The Dreamhost reply in your Webhosting Talk thread would make it seem like you’re not telling the whole story.

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gasp Yet another “innocent” user with a disabled account. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time someone’s account was improperly disabled.