Account Disabled?

I just signed up for DreamHost last week but my acocunt is disabled and it won’t let me do anything and I can’t find out how to call in… I need to do some backups before these hurricanes hit us!


Don’t worry about the hurricanes wiping out your data. I don’t think the hurricanes will quite reach Southern California.


I live in South Florida and Ike will be here any day now. I need to back up to Dreamhost’s servers for that reason. My account is still showing disabled, I used the contact page earlier this morning at like 7 - I need a phone number to get a human so we can resolve this it is urgent.

They don’t offer phone support and depending on why the disabled your account, they probably won’t be re-enabling it… or they wouldn’t have disabled it in the first place. :wink:

I also don’t think it will help your cause if you tell them you want to re-enable a disabled account to use the hosting space as backup space.

Also, you’re not going to get as quick of replies from them as you normally would, since you stop being a customer once the account is terminated. If it was because the order got marked as fraud, or because of a content violation, you’ll likely have to deal with abuse instead of support… and that can take some time.

In any case, if you’re leaving, backup your data to CDs or DVDs and take them with you. Or better yet, take the computer with you. If you don’t leave it behind to be destroyed, you won’t need any backups. :wink:

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That or subscribe to a real online backup solution.

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