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I signed up last monday morning for a webhosting account. then I tried to email techsupport today and asked on when is my hosting gonna be up and running. after a few minutes I recieved an email from google checkout that DreamHost refunded my payment. with no clear answer on why did they refunded it.

a little help here?

n 28-Nov-07, at 1:17 PM, DreamHost Customer Support Team wrote:


On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, you wrote:
Its passed 1 business day since I ordered. My account is still pending ? how
do you guys verify it anyway ?

Your account was disabled by our fraud detection system. Your payment
has also been refunded.

We request that you take your business elsewhere and we apologize that we
won’t be able to host you at this time.


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It took me hours of research on where to get my hosting from and this happened to me. I was trying to find a phone number to call DreamHost to clear the issue and I cant find one. this is just sad.

I guess you’ll just have to look elsewhere, as support suggested. Nothing anyone here can do for you. :frowning:

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Don’t think that it’s a personal thing - it could be something as simple as the card being tied to one country but the registration address being another.

It could also be that it was an odd friday and that you hit the enter key left handed.

Fraud detection is like that. One thing to know is that DH doesn’t play when it comes to bans. if you’re banned, there’s NO appeal. There are plenty of other hosting companies to go with that don’t completely suck.

I could have recommended Lunar Pages ( in the past, but recently they got a little evil. You could try also. Neither are DH, but you can still get your site up and out there for not too much cash.

Good Luck!

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Yeah, don’t lament for too long, there are other very good hosting companies out there.

If you want a recommendation, PM me. I have an alternate host that I keep around that I think is pretty good.

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