"Account Disabled"

S: What is “morgan”? Is that a server name? We had the general slow-downs one experiences with DreamHost, but nothing that didn’t pass in several hours. We did have a problem in mid-October when a table was corrupted, but they repaired it quickly.

A: Everyone on our site is sooooo not trouble. We are the good guys, I swear. If any Muslim did something, it would have been someone from outside trying to shut us down for supporting gay marriage or some such.

Morgan is a server name.

Hopefully you’ll have it sorted out soon.

They need more support help.
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Just know that I feel for you dude. Sorry this trouble is happening but I’m sure you expected some “speedbumps” given the topic chosen.


As some have pointed out, your service may’ve been suspended for any number of reasons.

If there isn’t a specific difficulty or one that you can understand, then chances are it’s a good idea to check the “callback” option when submitting the support ticket from the control panel; you get 3 per month, and to my thinking, this is exactly what it’s there for.

As I understand it, # of callbacks are dependent on your plan. Check the panel for your options.


The site is back up, thanks for waiting it out with me and talking me through this. Visit us at:

http://www.progressiveislam.org (there is a thank you up there for you)

DH said we were compromised and the site used for illegal purposes, what they did not say. Hopefully nothing more sinister than spamming (which is quite sinister but you grasp my point).