"Account Disabled"

Our site has been marked temporarily unavailable, when we went to the webpanel it shows that our account has been disabled. I know we were paid up. I have sent in support tickets ever hour since I found out about this, but no answer. To have one’s account disabled seems unrelated to recent system problems documented on the site.

Any suggestions? Any help? We are extremely worried we have lost our content as well.

You most likely won’t lose content, as it’s backed up at DreamHost, and may still be sitting in your directory once you get re-enabled.

They generally email people when they disable an account. Hopefully your email isn’t at your disabled domain. If so, you can still go through the panel to look at your Support History to see if they’ve sent you anything.


Well, that is a relief about the content.

They haven’t sent us any messages. Our e-mail is at a separate location. Nothing on the webpanel.

Can you tell me why they might disable an account?

Reasons to get your site shut down:
Copyright infringement
Excessive server load
Illegal content
Lack of payment
And probably some other stuff

If you’re on the up and up, it would most likely be due to an excessive server load. This can be caused by high traffic, poorly written scripts, or something that crashes the server.


Huh, we are on the up and up. Maybe the server load, although I am not sure why. We are a religiously progressive website and have angered some more conservative readers. Would bad language be illegal content? Some commentators who do not agree with us use very foul language in response, but we are reluctant to delete anything as we take a very strict position on free speech. But why wouldn’t DH speak to us about it first? Why are they not responding to our messages for help?

Is it possible for the account to have been disabled by someone outside of dreamhost?

[quote]sent in support tickets ever hour


I think this is counter-productive. They have a priority system, and adding a bunch of tickets probably only is an annoyance. YMMV

They need more support help.
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Ack, okay. Well, I certainly wasn’t trying to make things worse. I won’t send in anything else. I just find it so odd that they would not tell us that they would disable us first, give us a chance to correct any problems.

Did you use email or the Panel to contact support? If email, it may not be getting through. It is surprising that they didn’t contact you first, but emails are like copiers; they sense when it’s important and fail to work under pressure.

Also, if somebody complained about you doing anything even remotely resembling spam, their “Ninja” knee jerk could be so fast you wouldn’t see it.

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5% $0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

I only contacted them through the webpanel.

I cannot imagine what would be spammish. We don’t send out anything to anyone. Spammers had recently got past our captcha system leaving spam comments, so we switched to registered only comments.

One contributor put up one of those small “still” photos that move a little, small animation. Can something like that be a problem? Otherwise, we only blog, run some wikis for academic and activist purposes, link somewhat to other sites of interest. Really nothing at all.

One wiki has all my course materials up, syllabi, all of that, ay yay yay.

Oh well…

gif animations aren’t a big deal (otherwise myspace would have collapsed under the load long ago).

Just hang on for support’s reply. (and check your email addresses tied to your account). There’s no good reason for them not to update you.


From what I can tell, it seems someone reported us for abuse.

The site has controversial content. www.progressiveislam.org. We recently put up a satire insulting Ahmedinejad for denying the Holocaust, we speak openly about domestic violence in the Muslim community, we include satiric comics about religious issues, we openly support gay rights, have a women’s health section, etc… So guessing who could have reported us or for what reason is futile.

I am bothered that Dream Host shut us down without talking to us first. They have forwarded our issue to the abuse department but we have heard nothing else from them. How many days will our site be shut down?

If we have to change hosts to get some protection from this sort of attack in the future, will Dream Host let us have all our content?

Seeing how it’s the weekend, you’ll probably have to wait at least until tomorrow to get this resolved. If it’s not resolved, DreamHost generally makes your content available for retrieval upon request.


[quote]it seems someone reported us for abuse.
So guessing who could have reported us or for what reason is futile.


I too am disappointed by the way this looks so far. Whatever it was, there should be a degree of reasonable process, and so far that doesn’t appear to be the case. You shouldn’t be guessing. However, for now I’m still hoping you’ll find out it is just another of the domain and Panel technical problems. Even copyright violations should require some notification and a chance to correct it without drastic action by the hosting company. Maybe Jeff the abuse guy or Michael will notice and fill us in.

DreamHost should give you access to copy your data, unless there is something illegal about it, or you may have a case for damages (although I am not a lawyer :-).

DreamHost staff says they support Free Speech, but, to my disappointment, I cannot point to an example where someone published a story about how DreamHost stood by them when a site was attacked by anti-whatever complainers.

The only thing I know of that goes down immediately, without contracted 30-day notice, is cases involving law enforcement or national security.
Edit: Or really blatant spam, widespread blatant copyright violation, abusing/cracking the servers, etc…

This was a partial take-down (law enforcement/national security):

This moved to other hosting (law enforcement?):

This moved to other hosting (sad, weak “spam” complaint, imho):

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5% $0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

Egads, “National Security,” well it may have been the Ahmedinejad satire then. I know that it got widely forwarded by e-mail in Iran.

Or maybe it is just some dumb tech thing, I really, really hope it is just some dumb tech thing.

I looked at all the links you sent. Maybe because the ahmedinejad thing got sent around so much by e-mail (a full copy of the text and the url) that would be considered spamming?

Well, at least it looks like they’ll let us keep our content from what you all are saying.


They just wrote to say it was for security issues but were not any more specific than that.

It could be that you’re running insecure software; i.e. something with a security hole. Are you running the latest version of your software? What software package(s) are you running? It looks like Drupal. Are you running the latest and greatest? Are you using any modules that aren’t secure?


The tech guy who runs the site with me updates it all the time, so I assume it is updated. But who knows. It could be that.

If it were an insecure software issue wouldn’t they simply have told us that?

I just keep hoping it is a mistake.

As I think back, it could be that the server was being attacked. Again, we’re just guessing here. It looks like you’re on “morgan,” which isn’t mentioned anywhere in dreamhoststatus.com. Prior do the deactivation, had your site any downtime that may have been caused by a Denial-of-Service attack?


It could be that your server came under external attack for what you published, and they need to sort out who did what to whom. Who knows what connections, etc. your tech guy and other associates have, or what games could be suspected in your materials. “They” can be pretty hush hush about how “they” respond to such things. Even parody writings or cartoon images can contain s3cret messages.

Rememer 3 days of the condor? Watch your back. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5%+$0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]