Account disabled


My account has been disabled without any warning. Any reasons why an account would be disabled?


Quite a few actually. You might chek out the TOS (Terms of Service), or review these forums and/or the Dreamhost wiki. Could be lots of things. It is definately a support issue.


This is kind of out of the blue since I’m pretty sure I did not break any child pornography laws, and I’m sure I did not have any copyrighted material on the server either. Having my account disable without any warning seems really unprofessional.


You should have recieved some communication from dreamhost at the E-mail address you gave them. Regardless, contact support through the panel ask what’s up. Hopefully you’ll be able to easly resoive the issue.



Okay, apparently, my account has been disabled for having “copyrighted” materials, I have FTPs set up for a few people so… yeah, ugh. How was the reactivation process like? Did they completely disable your account (therefore making you pay again to reactivate it) or was it something else? Also, how does the file and database recovery procedure go? Were the files and the db restored back to normal (obviously minus the “copyrighted” files) or was it completely wiped out?