Account Disabled Not Allowed To Backup/Move

4 months ago I paid my yearly hosting fee with a credit card on file with DreamHost that I am guessing was expired or had been lost. When I paid I received a message saying “Thank you for your payment! We appreciate your business!” At no point was I ever informed that this payment didn’t go through until 2 days ago when I received an email that I have a “chargeback” related to my account and that I needed to pay a $50 fee to clear it up. I log in and have $219 balance on my account which I am guessing is the hosting fee and 2 charge back fees. Since there is no live chat I filed a ticket to clear the issue up. Subject of the ticket is “account suspended, no explanation”. I receive a phone call from an agent in the “fraud department”. The first words out of his mouth when I identified myself were “not sure what you don’t understand about the chargeback email we sent you. you tried to pay with insufficient funds. your account is not suspended. it’s disabled because we no longer wish to do business with you”. I almost dropped the phone. I explained that I must have paid with an old card on accident and never received any notification that my payment didn’t go through and this is a common mistake with cards that are on file with different websites. The agent said “not our problem, we no longer wish to do business with you”. I chalked it up to a bad agent and mark it as the single worst costumer service experience I’ve ever had. Now in the process of transferring to a different hosting service and can not get a ticket response about moving my domain or backing up my website. Both things I am prevented from doing because my account is disabled. How do I resolve this?

I apologize for any inconvenience!

If you can supply us with a support ticket# or domain on the account we can look into the status. If you have not contacted support you can do so here

Matt C

Thanks Matt. I have contacted support, but not received any reply. Ticket message #8277268

Thank you for that ticket#

Unfortunately, after looking into the issue, the last reply our abuse/security team sent you will be the last reply you receive from us regarding your account. It has been permanently disabled and we will not renew it
or do further business with you.

We wish you all the best in your future internet endeavors,
Matt C

This makes no sense at all. Why can’t you explain to me why my account is disabled? I have done absolutely nothing wrong and you are now preventing me from accessing everything related to my website. I really have no idea what is going on.

Do you have me confused with someone else? What does this have to do with abuse or security? I have a tiny business website and used an expired card on accident. Surely this is not an appropriate reaction. Also not asking to do further business. I only want to back up my site, email and take my domain. Are you telling me I can’t do this?

The reply was based on the information provided from our security/abuse team regarding ticket# 8277268, is that the wrong ticket# ?

Hi Matt. Thanks for staying in communication with me. I am deeply confused about what is happening. I filed two tickets. One through billing asking why I had two chargeback fees on a single unpaid balance that I had no knowledge was unpaid and another ticket through accounts asking how to retrieve a backup of my site. Nothing related to abuse or security. I have been told twice “we will no longer do business with you”. I think maybe I am getting confused for someone involved in a different fraud case. That is definitely not me. I have been a customer of yours for 5 years and have no commerce on my site.

Abuse/Security is the department that handled that ticket after it was escalated.

I apologize that I am not able to assist with this problem over our forums. Because the issue is tied to the account for that ticket# you will need to reply back to the last email that was sent and request that a support manager to look into it.

Matt C

I’ve waited 4 days to hear back from the support manager and haven’t received anything. It looks like I am losing my entire website, domain and email because of the issue. Let this be a warning to anyone using this service.

Your company accepts expired credit cards on file, gives no warning of invalid payments and accuses long time customers of trying to defraud them out of the blue. Upon being accused, any act of frustration or confusion by the customer is then classified as “abuse” and with no proof of said abuse, the customer’s entire website and all of its data are denied to its owner to move on with it to a different hosting service. Truly unbelievable.

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