Account disabled, no response from support!

[quote]Message from you (Feb 24th, 2011 - 06:34:46 / #4217697)
Subject: Can you check my account please
I had been buy this account on day 21. With promo code
777. Because this promo code just only for american. Because that i had been said my friend in american buy for me. (He’s american, then that promo code can use. Not abuse, right? Because that promo code just not all regions, can buy on US)

But he pay with my Bank account, my credit card. And i had been reveiced sms of Bank (Thailand), call of dreamhost. And my money had been paid for my hosting.

But why my account had been disabled??? When i had been paid for it?
I need a reason :frowning:
Do you want i take picture of my credit card for you? Or scan it?
Please check again for me please? And active my account again?

I’m so sad

p/s: 9.24$ may be nothing with you, but it’s so large for me. My country (thailand) not rich same as America. >< Because that can you check for me again?
My account: #467229
I had been send it. But no one reply me :(…
I’m not scam, not abuse. This hosting i paid by my money. I’m just student come from Thailand. I must do part-time to keep money buy, and my friend is American help me buy it. Then i lost all >
Yup, i cant buy if it 119$. because 119$ = 2 months part-time of me. Because that i just can buy with promo code 777. But my friend had been by for me (american can buy with 777 code) ! Dreamhost had been call to check me. And Kasikorn Bank had been taken my money >__<

This sounds like an abuse (fraud) issue. If you can’t submit a support ticket, send email to abuse(at)dreamhost(dot)com. That’s all we can do for you here in the forums since we’re customers and don’t work here.

HIii. thank you for reply. Dreamhost had been reply me. But so later (1 day). I’ just need to scan my card.
Thk u

chok dee khrab :slight_smile: