Account Disabled - no email /explanation

I’m trying every form of contact I can, due to the lack of ability to get email on my ‘primary’ account at the moment, and lack of any explanation in Email etc.

My DreamHost account is disabled. There was a billing problem yesterday, but at the most I would have expected a ‘suspension’ (and giving that it was less than 12 hours ago that the email went out about there being a problem, I would have been a bit surprised at that, honestly) I did not expect to find everything Disabled especially when there is a valid card on file and apparently I hosed something with an ACH payment for a transfer request, not anything to do with payment for my hosting etc. which is up to date until May.

I would have enabled ‘live/chat’ support to resolve things, but I can’t do even that at the moment.

I don’t want to put to much information in this note, as I’m pretty sure these are public. Is there something I’m not doing to resolve this issue that I should be???

Hello Claude,

I apologize for any frustration, I’m looking into this matter for you right now. I’ll update you on what actions need to take place to resolve this oversight as soon as possible, your patience is appreciated.

UPDATE: I sent an email to the address on file explaining what happen and what steps you can take to Enable your account. Because the email contains personal info, I will not share it here on our public forums, we take your privacy seriously :slight_smile: If you have any other questions or concerns please reply directly to that email.

Matt C

Thank you. Sorry if I’m freaking out a bit. I would have upgraded to live/call back support - but that option stopped being presented to me as I entered tickets. (Probably because of the disabled status.)

No worries! Our support team replied to your tickets and you will be getting an email update shortly. If you have any other questions please reply to that email so we can get you an answer quickly :slight_smile:

Matt C