Account Disabled - Cant make payment

Hi Guys ,
I wonder if anyone can help me ,
Our account has been disabled -> we can still log on but everything is greyed out

Our Payment did not go through due to credit card being expired,
I have logged 7 support tickets in the last 48 hours but no one is coming back to me.

How can we pay our 61$ owed if the ‘make a payment’ is giving us an error saying :We’re sorry, but you may not make a payment to this account at this time.
You may only make payments on approved accounts.

We are very worried that our account will be completly removed and our DNS/subdomains will stop working , we would just like to pay but how ?

As i mentioned support has been contacted but they are not attending to the tickets

Our Account number:#1354195 "Unison’s Account"
Support tickets:
#6231088 RE: Dreamhost user account 1 hour 26 mins
#6229536 Cant pay Account 19 hours 37 mins
#6229354 payment 21 hours 5 mins
#6229344 #1354195 “Unison’s Account” (disabled) 21 hours 8 mins
#6229311 new services dont work 21 hours 24 mins
#6226930 Account Disabled - Cant make payment 2 days 2 hours

The account that you have been given access to has been disabled due to a billing issue — it’s a little more serious than just an expired card, I’m afraid. Our Support team will respond to your (numerous) messages with details shortly.

Hi Andrew , Account has been enabled , thank you , i see the only option too pay is via paypal now ?? we would like to pay via credit card , can that not be accomadated anymore?

Correct; if the credit card option is not appearing, it is not available for your account, and you will need to make payments using another method (such as Paypal). Please refer to your support history for details.