Account Disabled bc Chargeback

I got an email from biiling service of dreamhost at 19th July 2018. My account is disabled because of chargeback issue. I checked my credit card invoices and i’ve seen the problem and i accept all fee.

As the billing service say i only allowed to pay via “money order” but I live in Istanbul, Turkiye and there is not “money order” service.
I’ve submitted several tickets and no one has replied for 4 days. :confused:
I’ve been using dreamhost for 10 years, i ve always paid invoices on time but now me and my costumers are aggrieved. All websites down 4 days.

Please activate other payment options or someone reply me via submitted tickets.

Chargeback account #584073

Ticket: #8277077

Have a nice week you all

Hello Cihangir,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

I see you were able to contact our Live Chat team and the issues has been sorted put. If you need further support please be sure to contact them back directly here

Matt C

Ohh yess, since yesterday it’s been solved. Thank you!

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