Account deletion?

OK… I heard that dreamhost will delete your account if you do too many mysql connections/queries.

Is this true? I kinda have a chat room script that makes many many queries, but one connection per user. it makes maybe 50+ queries per second per user. Is that a bad thing?

50 queries per second per user continuously? So if there are 10 users logged in, you will be issuing 500 queries per second interminably? And if 50 users log in it will be 2500 queries per second? What kind of queries are these?

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Well, it kinda depends on how many concurrent users you have to handle, but my guess is “Yes” (it’s a bad thing for a shared server - maybe not so much on a dedicated box) :wink:

There is no longer a “hard” query quota - it’s total impact on the machine that will get you shut off (combination of memory, cpu utilization, number of concurrent processes, etc.) Unfortunately, some stuff just outgrows playing nicely on a shared box. :frowning:


From looking at your site, I think you are more likely to get your account deleted for copyright issues than you are for queries/resource usage (though that could be a possibility). A “free upload site” that encourages members to upload mp3’s is bound to get someone’s attention sooner or later - and as the traffic/usage increases and loads the server, the DH admins will have to take a look.

When/if they see traffic moving copyrighted stuff around, you are likely to be toast. I sure wouldn’t be promoting it or drawing attention to it on the host’s own forums.

But then again, you could be lucky, so Rock On! :wink:


Here’s the wiki article:,_PHP,and_Databases/MySQL/_Conueries

As others said, 50 per second per user is a lot (that’s more than I can fathom), but at least it’s during a single connection per user, which is A Good Thing.

In the case of heavy usage, they’ll notify you first. At worst, they’ll temporarily shut down the offending site if it’s crashing the server while they try to work it out with you. As the wiki said, their database cap applies to .01% of their users. You might be one of the special ones.


rlparker, it isn’t actually for that site, it is for another site… I am using AJAX to go and get the file, to make a query, and I use this function to to retrieve any new messages:

function iPost(){ setintID = setInterval('getMessage()' , 0); } I am trying to make it as real time as possible.

If anyone knows how I could do it in less queries, that would be great.

From DH’s Terms Of Services, I think you might have problem if there is any installation of chat scripts on your host plan.

“The customer agrees to make use of DreamHost Web Hosting servers primarily for the purpose of hosting a website, and associated email functions. Servers are shared with other customers, and as such IRC-related activities or severely CPU intensive CGI scripts (e.g. chat scripts, proxy scripts, scripts which have bugs causing them to not close properly after being run) are not encouraged. Any application that listens for inbound network connections (even if the application would otherwise be allowed) are not permitted. BitTorrent clients, IRC bots and bouncers (BNC) specifically may not be run on any DreamHost Web Hosting server. If your processes are adversely affecting server performance disproportionately DreamHost Web Hosting reserves the right to negotiate additional charges with the Customer and/or the discontinuation of the offending processes.”

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