Account Deletion?

I had a friend pay for my plan via paypal using the “777” Promotional code.

After I arrived home that night I logged in to my emails, to find 5 or 6 emails from DreamHost. They were things to do with mail, FTP etc. But one of them says “ Deletion Success!”

What do I do? I have emailed DreamHost twice to no avail. I do not understand why it has been deleted. It mentions something regarding a “request to renew it”. I did not think it needed renewing; being registered yesterday night and all. Also there was no other email mentioning anything about renewal.

And then the email says something about me having to pay $100? What the hell is going on there?

As far as I can see, i’ve registered a domain, recieved no such email regarding renewal, then recieved an email telling me my domain has been deleted, I was supposed to renew it and I shall be expected to pay $100 for retrieval. I do not find this very fair.

Can somebody please give me some help? Anything will be appreciated.

Kind regards,