Account deleted, how do I transfer my domains etc

My account has just been deleted for a reason which I am disputing.

How do I transfer my domains out from dreamhost to another registrar since I can’t access them in the control panel (everything is greyed out)

Also, is there anyway that I can get access to my wordpress databases? I have lost a hell of a lot of stuff and I just want to get access to it so that I can set up a new account with a different host (since I don’t think dreamhost are going to change their minds about the account deletion).

Many thanks for any help or advice you can offer. I have contacted support but haven’t had a reply yet.

If it was terminated for a TOS violation, I wouldn’t plan on getting access to anything, or any quick replies from them (if any).

The other lesson to learn here would be: Keep your own backups.

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Thanks. At least you reply quickly!

I am more concerned about my domain names thatn anything else. Surely they cannot stop me from moving them, can they?

No, you will be able to transfer your domains.

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Thats what I thought. So how do I go about it if support are ignoring me?

DH is not likely to interfere with you transferring your domain registrations to another registrar. The biggest problem you are likely to encounter is retrieving the “authorization codes” you will need to initiate the transfer with another registrar.

From your prior posts indication that you don’t have complete “off DreamHost” back-ups of your stuff I suppose you also do not have a record of the authorization code(s) involved. Therefore you may well have to rely upon DreamHost to provide those to your - and support/abuse contact is the only way to accomplish that. Good Luck!


The fact that they have not yet answered doesn’t necessarily mean they are ignoring you - they might have just not yet answered. :wink: It could also be that the abuse department might have been involved, and they might be handling your case; they have a different queue than Tech Support, and often take longer to reply.


I have every single email that Dreamhost has ever sent me. Should I have authorisation codes already for these domains?

Just another thought about this - could Dreamhost be just not answering me because it is now out of business hours. Do they work weekends?

Yes, they work weekends, but you should understand that the “tech support” staff is a good deal larger than, and has a larger weekend presence than, the “Abuse” staff - and the “abuse” staff is who you may be dealing with here.


I don’t think so; I have never received authorization codes from DreamHost via email IIRC.

Normally the authorization codes are available from within the Control Panel - if you can’t get at them there, I suspect you will need to have them forwarded to you by the tech support/abuse folks. :frowning:


Thanks. I’ve sent them a very polite apology asking them if they will reconsider things, and if not, if they would mind me having access to my sql databases and domain auth codes.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I truly feel sick about this. I run a small record label and all the artist websites have been pulled. Big trouble all around!

Well, its Saturday morning now and still no reply. I think they have just abandoned the situation. I’ve spoken to ICANN and they have told me not to worry about my domain names since they are technically still mine.

I think this is going to be a long battle to get things sorted out.