Account Concerns..- closed account


My account was closed and i recieve this mail:


We’ve had to close your account due to Terms of Service violations
particularly in Facebook and Yahoo phishing pages here: "

But i dont use phishing:(
this sites are just facebook applications:(
İ had more important websites in my account, how i can get back my accuount?:frowning:
please help me


If you would go into greater detail about what the offending material was, I’d be great.

I’ve never had my account deleted… probably the first step would be to contact support explaining your case.


Do you have access to your panel? If so, you should contact support through the panel. If no, you should definitely either contact support via the contact form:

or contact the abuse department directly at

Ask for a detailed explanation of your violation of the ToS.

BTW, when you say “more important websites” on your account, that’s worrisome because according to the ToS, you may not be able to get access to any of the data from any part of your account due to a ToS violation.

For everyone else who may be considering hosting here at Dreamhost (after all, these are the people this forum is supposed to be here to serve, not existing customers), you should always remember to take backups of everything on your account!

BTW, next time, if there is a next time, I would recommend posting on the “General Troubleshooting” forum. This one is meant for prospective customers to be able to post their questions.

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Not much luck finding references to the site at Google or Archive. Archive turns up an interesting snapshot of the main site:

It looks more like a software site. But who knows what was buried in the yahoo and facebook sections. It could be that the site was hacked.



I think we’ll need a Curious About DreamHost Support :stuck_out_tongue:

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