Account Compromised... Options?

My account at dreamhost was compromised, and now my MX records were changed, and all my email is going to someone else. Accounts are being reset, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. PLUS, I can’t reach tech support unless I log in first.

How do I get a human being to help me?!?!

(Yes, I’m panicked, sorry for the crazy-person vibe)

I believe you can contact support outside of the panel using:

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Also, be sure to select the “omfg dude I can’t even login!” (or however it’s worded now) option in the drop-downs to help them verify that you may well be the real deal.

it’s been a weird dance. Since my account is compromised, and the attacker changed my MX records, I can’t respond to any emails they send for verification. I had to create a new account (and pay for hosting, FML) then convince them to let me use an alternate email address to prove I’m me. It… might be going well? They at least asked me some verification stuff.

I’d be inclined to use the same payment method (same credit card / same Paypal account top-up method, whatever) so they can easily verify your legitimacy and then demand politely suggest that your old account is credited with the new charges after it’s safely back in your hands.

After the day I’ve had… I’m just going to leave well enough alone. The $4.95 was the least of my concerns today. I do have my account back though, and was able to fix my domain’s MX records. And I’ve spent the rest of the day changing online passwords.

Short moral of the story: Turn on 2FA. I didn’t realize Dreamhost had it, but I wish I’d have been more diligent about looking into it earlier.

Might pay to jump into shell and check for newly altered files… just in case.

$ cd ~ && find . -newermt "2021-02-02"

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