Account change

Trying to open an account but can’t unless I register a domain or transfer a domain.

Buying a domain from a dh customer and need him to push/account change from his to my (hopefully) dh account.

Can anyone explain the account change process so I can send to seller?


Opening your account by transferring the domain would actually be the perfect option. That’s the way registrations are moved between accounts here at DreamHost, just like a regular transfer. The current DreamHost customer just needs to give you the authorization code for the domain. :slight_smile:

As a long time dreamhost customer I have not been thru the signup process recently. That said you SHOULD have the option of registering a dreamhost account WITHOUT having to transfer or register (look for something about using a free sub-domain.)

LakeRat is right, but only if you want an active hosting plan. Instructions for that are here:

Per that wiki: [quote]If you want to move a domain registration, you will need to transfer the domain using the standard domain transfer process.[/quote]

That said, you still have the easy option of having the existing customer retrieve his domain’s authorization code from the Registration Transfer page in his panel, and give it to you, which you can use when transferring the domain upon signup.

Either way works :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Entered as new and transfer domain and get “This domain “” is already in our system! Please just contact support if you need help with it. If you’re trying to move it to a new account, please first delete it from its current account.”

Entered the domain I want to transfer from current account holder to me and I get the same error.

Would be nice to just be able to register and open a new account.
Okay. did and now I have to give my credit card just to open an account?

And $100 a year.

I know it says free trial and I can cancel but how much of a hold is it going to put on my card?

Honestly this is ridiculous.

I just went to the signup process to see how far I could go without actually creating an account.

On the very second page the second option has this text (as the second paragraph):

So pick the second option and put “” in the domain name box.

Sorry if we’ve caused any confusion! When you sign up for a hosting plan, you have to click the one-year signup price of $119, but you won’t be charged for two weeks. Your card was only necessary for verification purposes.

You should now retrieve the authorization code from the domain’s registrant and use it to finish the transfer at Domains > Reg Transfer in your panel. It should go through quickly since it’s a DreamHost domain. If you need to do anything else with the domain from there, you can just follow the wiki I gave you previously:

Once the domain’s registration is on your account, if you did not need the hosting plan for email or anything else at all, you can use the “close account/end all hosting” link in your Manage Account page to cancel it, and just choose the option to keep managing the registration only. :slight_smile: