Account Cancelled

I had bought a webhosting plan ( crazy insane) on 2 july .I payed through using a credit card.But now suddenly told me that their fraud detection system has suspended the account and they cannot setup my account.I payed through a legal credit card.Can anybody help me as to where and what wrong I did for which they cancelled my registration.I myself have no clue whatsoever
By the way I am from India (hope it is not a problem)

We’re just customers. You’ll need to deal directly with Dreamhost staff if you want any more info than they’ve already given you.

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It is surprising that a payment through Google checkout would be flagged for fraud concerns, since the onus one would think for checking that sort of thing is on Google (this was the reason for introducing Google checkout I thought), not Dreamhost, but it is possible that Google has not authorized the payment which has caused the fraud flag, in any case, as seiler said, best to contact Dreamhost.

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