Account billing

i’ve been a member at dreamhost for less than one month. my billing cycle ends in 3 days and I haven’t received a bill / statement yet.

it is critical that my business experiences absolutely no downtime, and I am worried that this may become an issue. I don’t know how much I owe DreamHost, as there is no invoice or statement yet.

I was thinking of paying the balance up front, but I am not sure of how much to pay (My first month had coupons) and was not sure if it would automatically be distributed onto the current billing cycle (1 month).

Thanks for the help in advance!

Check your Panel: Billing > Make Payment

Up top is a Credit Card AutoPay link. If there is information filled out within that field then that card will be automatically charged at the end of the billing cycle. If you don’t have any credit card info there, just use the paypal or another method to top up your credit balance.

DH won’t shutdown your website the second a bill is due, there is a substantial grace period.

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There’s no way to set up PayPal auto-payment is there? I’m a RAC Software Coder… so I use my RAC earned money (in my paypal account) to pay for my hosting services (4 dedicated servers and this account as a file dump)…

I don’t like to use Credit Cards online. Not because I have biased opinions on this site or don’t trust the owners… its that I was involved with a massive hack on the Hannaford’s Grocery chain, and had 4 credit / debit card numbers stolen and drained… by a hacker from god knows where… so I just stick to paypal. You never know when a credit card database is going to be hacked o.O

anyways, is there a PayPal auto-payment feature? I didn’t see one but I’m unsure, I’m new.

I prefer PayPal rather than credit cards for online transactions too.

There’s no AutoPayPal functionality from within Panel, but you might be able to setup an automatic payment structure from PayPal itself. I haven’t thought about trying that, so if you are successful please let me know if it’s do-able.

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If it doesn’t say you owe any money, you don’t owe anything yet. You’ll get an email when there’s a balance on the account… I wouldn’t worry about getting turned off. I think it’d take not paying for a long time for them to suspend your account.

Their grace period is substantial, but it’s always good practice to stay ahead of the game.

Safer being the creditor than the debtor :wink:

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