Account approvals

We just set up a new account with DreamHost, and our account is still pending. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem (we’ve only been waiting two days), but it’s imperative that our site be up as soon as possible… We were curious, how long does it usually take a new DreamHost account to be approved?


According to a post I found when I was in the same situation a couple months ago the approvals are done manually to help prevent fraud, and usually only Monday-Friday. Try emailing support, I signed up on a Friday afternoon and emailed support early Sunday before finding that post, got approved that afternoon.

I’m in the same situation now. After looking at my billing, it looks like my credit card got charged the $382 for the 2 year Code Monster plan, which we signed up for on the 22nd (it is now the 25th).

Our emails to the support have gone unanswered so far.