Account Approval Pending


I registered 15 hours ago. My account is still not approved. I’ve filed three tickets (would’ve left it at one, but the amount of time this takes is atrocious), and still didn’t get a response.

What is the issue? All the details I gave are legit and correct. Why can’t my account be approved?


Hey Daniel!

Some accounts do need to manually reviewed and approved. Our Approvals team does work normal office hours (Monday-Friday) so I can assure you they will be able to take care of your tickets first thing Monday morning!

I can’t seem to find in our system though. :confused: Do you have a ticket tracking number so that I can locate the messages you sent? They should start with a 5. Thanks!

Here is the number of the Ticket #5840504.

What a shame, I wanted to take advantage of the weekend to migrate my forum for DreamHost

During the week it’s not going to be possible.

Thanks - I see your ticket! I understand the urgency; I can assure you our Approvals team will reach out to you first thing Monday morning!