Account Approval Pending


I registered 5 hours ago. My account is still not approved. I’ve filed three tickets (would’ve left it at one, but the amount of time this takes is atrocious), and still didn’t get a response.

What is the issue? All the details I gave are legit and correct. I’ve already been charged. Why can’t my account be approved?


sadly it seems that the dept that handles that only approves during business hours monday thru friday.

if you look thru the threads about account approval here, and match the dates they were started to a calender you will find they are all started on weekends.

the first level is automated, but there are things that flag it for manual approval, and when you’re caught in that it seems nothing happens on weekends…

Sigh… why isn’t that written anywhere? :frowning:
Anyway, thanks. :slight_smile: You’ve been helpful!

Hi Daryl,

We just sent you an email and updated you on twitter. We were able to get your account approved! :slight_smile: Now it’s just a matter of waiting on DNS propagation. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

Matt C

I’m having the exact same issue after buying a deal I saw on dreamhost. This is actually pretty time-sensitive so it’s a bummer that they do not work weekends!

Same issue with me. Pretty poor.

Matt C, can you approve my new account as well, I’ve been waiting since yesterday morning and need to get the propagation started asap.

Why does the “Please have us call you now for immediate approval!” link not work, kinda misleading, thanks.


So DH replied to my ticket, you have to send in a fax with an etching of your credit card or follow a google wallet payment. Apparently to as an anti-fraud measure.
I’ve sent in the FAX, let’s see how long this takes.

Account is now working fine. quick response to ticket.

Hi Droptic,

I apologize for any delay! I see that your account has been approved, if you are still having any issues accessing your account please let us know. As always if you have any questions or need any further support please do not hesitate to ask.

Matt C

Hello Amy,

I was able to access your account and see that it has been approved. If you need any further assistance or have any questions please feel free to hit us up. Thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated.

Matt C

Hi, its been around 24 hours for me and the account activation is still pending. Sadly, i too initiated the process on a weekend. Can you please have a look into this?


I am having a similar issue. I made my account a few hours ago and it has been pending since.

Having the same problem here. Plus I’ve already sent a ticket to them (about 12 hours ago) and still nothing…

It’s been like 18 hours and my account is still pending. If I could find a goddamned phone number to call I would cancel the whole thing and go with GoDaddy like I should have in the first place.

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Hello BamBam, MundoBits, MDBean59, and yuvraj911987

Could you please provide me with a domain or ticket number so I can look into your account?


Daniela J.
DreamHost Staff