Account Approval Pending & Service Plans


I registered 16 hours ago. My account is still not approved.

I’ve added the plan, but there are still warning:
This account has no hosting plans.
You must add a plan to “open” it.

Now, I have two of the same plans:
VPS 300 of Yanjun Zhang ,$214.80 every two years ($8.95 per month),2013-05-07
2 Years - 300,$214.80 every two years ($8.95 per month),2013-05-08

Please help! How do I cancel one.

Hi there!

I see that Jamie from our Approvals team emailed you a short while ago; She was able to delete the extra hosting plan. :slight_smile: To get your account approved though, you’ll need to follow the instructions sent in the email. That’ll get you squared away ASAP. Thanks for being patient!

I did the exact same thing. Still waiting for my account to be approved, although I cannot imagine why… I need to cancel the second plan as well, and I still don’t know if my domain name is registered -

I would appreciate some sort of communication with SOMEBODY at Dreamhost…

Hi MDBean59,

I was able to find all 3 of your tickets submitted in the last hour. Those tickets have been forwarded to our approvals department and they will update you as soon as possible. I want to thank you for your patience while they look into the status of your account, it is appreciated. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can also contact us on Twitter @DreamHostCare

Matt C

I’m still waiting. Approaching 24 hours with no response other than your post in this forum. I’m about to quit the whole thing and go with another hosting company. This is not acceptable.

Hi MDBean,

I apologize for the delay in response. I see our billing department was able to get the account approved and everything taken care of for you. You can view your support history here I’d like to thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated. If you need any further support please let us know right away.

Matt C

Hi, I am trying to cancel my account because I misunderstood the payment plan. I read 8.95 per month as my billing plan rather than what it actually says which is $214 every 2 years.

When I signed up for dreamhost an hour ago I entered my billing information as prompted. After I clicked confirmed the page reloaded and asked me to enter my CSV card number multiple times. I could not exit the screen and had to refresh the page. I went into my account to check if my billing information had gone through but it says pending.

My account is pending and says “error - failure to communicate with server” when I try to end the billing period today. I do not have the option of closing the account on my page. It says to please fix the error below instead. I submitted my ticket to customer support #5797847. I do not want to be billed for the payment plan and want to cancel my account with dreamhost as soon as possible.