Account approval Pending after 24 hours?

Just curious how long it takes for new account approval?
My credit card has been charged.
Its been at least 24 hours and Ive sent two emails to support.
No one has emailed me back yet?
Am I being inpatient - does it usually take this long?

Thank you!

That’s a sales issue, and sales is closed on the weekends. A delay usually indicates that the account needs a closer look to protect against fraud.

Thank you for the reply!

Its been 72 hours & Im still waiting for approval? Boo :frowning:
I just thought once they processed my payment I would be up & running in no time. I called the 1-800 number & couldnt talk to anyone. I also sent a support message. Still no answers?

I’m curious how long it finally took to get up and running; we signed up last night and are still waiting for approval. We also tried contacting support, but got nothing.

I’ve heard a rumor that a lot of the issues with verification deal with the credit card and the code that is returned when they attempt to verify it… Even tho there may be no charges today with the 14 day free trial the credit card still has to return a good code and that most likely evolves matching snail mail addresses and a good return code on a charge of a few cents.

If it’s stuck you should open a support ticket, but they most likely won’t reply until the business day monday.

hi…same goes to me…i did not received any emails when i registered today, my cc has been charged…does your account approved? whats happening to dreamhost?

i can now access my account. it took 6-8 hours i guess.

I hope it doesn’t take mine this long. I got a confirmation email that the server was all ready. I started setting up domains and then at the 4th it says I don’t have permission. Emailed support and nothing.

What gives? Not a good start and I’m thinking of asking for my money back and going elsewhere. Anyone think I’m unreasonable. After reading some stories of how long it takes and the bad support I don’t think so.


You need to be persistent with support if it worked then something happaned after 4 days. That is not the normal scenario for new accounts. Once the automated system grants you access if it goes away something happaned. Are you still able to log into the panel? If so go to the support tab and open a ticket that way, and obviously things aren’t working, when you get to that part.

Thanks Lake. Supposedly it’s working now. It sure is taking a long time to propagate. Of course I know the story that it could take up to 24 hours. I’ve never experienced it to take that long. Usually in a few hours it’s good to go.

That’s a slight different story that you were telling above :wink:

DNS propagation depends on many many factors and dreamhost certainly has no control whatsoever over how long it takes. If it’s been more that 24 hours there is a button to force a second refresh in the panel.

Actually, I think you misread me there. I didn’t mean 4 days. I meant on my 4th domain. Thanks for the help. I will try that refresh. It appears to have been off my old nameserver quite some time ago. Thanks!

Indeed you are correct, I did mis-read. At the same time tho, your issue really has nothing to do with account activation and doesn’t really belong in this thread.