Account Approval Call

I really don’t want to come off as a jerk, however…

I’m a new customer to DreamHost. I run four websites, and they are currently hosted at a competitor (whose name begins with 1 AND ends with 1).

I recognize that what I’m doing with these sites, one in particular, is now to the point where I need a VPS. So, I have been doing some research for a month or so, sit down to give dreamhost a try. Make an account, log in, etc. I click the thing to have it call my, attempt to put in the pin. It doesn’t work (I know why, it was on my end. Google voice was capturing one of the button pushes). So that feature gets locked out. And there is nothing I can do but put in a support ticket. So I do that, and wait and wait and wait.

I have many reasons to leave my old hosting company, however they DID have phone support.

If I were a hosting company, I would make sure that a potential customer’s first interaction with customer support be an exceptionally positive one. Not one of a ticket for a trivial request sitting in a queue for longer than a person will sit and wait for a response.

It is support ticket #5550531. And it hasn’t been forever, but I intend to make my VPS host decision today. And so far dreamhost has been anything but…

Hi there!

I’m sorry to hear your first impression of DreamHost was not a great one! :confused: Unfortunately we’re a bit shorter-staffed on the weekends sometimes, which can result in a longer wait time, but we do try to answer all of our emails within our 24-hour guarantee! I have gone ahead and responded to your ticket though, and was able to approve your account. :slight_smile: If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to the email directly and we’ll be happy to help! Thanks so much for your patience; We very much appreciate it.