Account activitation

i bought a host and a domain from wanted my card printf by fax.i send it but my account was not actived and my domain was not registered.i send mail to support department but they forward me to billing department.why does billing department solve my problem? although you took my money,why did not you active account and register my domain? if another person buy the domain i want,how will you satisfy my demand?

  1. This is a customer to customer forum. Bitching us out does you ZIP good.

  2. Today is the third day of a three day weekend in the US - A rather large holiday that even shuts down McDonalds. You may have heard of it before. You can’t reasonably expect a business response today - or for the last two days.

  3. Sorry you’re mad. Most customers don’t have to send in a fax. If you were to look VERY closely at your financial records you’d find that the money has not actually been removed from your account. They don’t do that until you have been approved after the fax. They are VERY careful about this and do NOT charge before they provide service.

Please try to wait patiently until tomorrow. Remember that their offices are in California and that may affect when you get a response.

A quick reminder - this is a customer to customer forum and I have to say that I don’t believe you’ve gotten off on the right foot with us.

What you’re experiencing is not uncommon but DEMANDING something from the customer base is an AMAZINGLY futile gesture.


  1. 'puter enthusiasts count from zed.
  2. Getting it off one’s chest always helps some.
  3. If you’re lucky, it’s a 4-day.
  4. So they say, but the fax-rub complaining just rises and rises here. :wink:
  5. Right foot, left foot, hut hut hut.
  6. Resistance is futile. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

Too much Egg-Nog, dude.


Not enough, back atchu. :slight_smile: Can I get you some cheese with that whine? ;->

Edit: What? Jealous about the 4-days off thing? :wink:

They need more support help.
Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

And to think, I’ve been sitting here waiting this whole time too… OMG I should have whined earlier! I KNEW IT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alas, I already own my domain and host it elsewhere currently.
I guess waiting patiently is all I can do… like any normal person who realizes it’s a HOLIDAY :slight_smile:

Zed - Isn’t he that guy from the “Dukes of Hazzard?” He couldn’t count either.


i send my card print.i took this mail from support department:
"I am sorry but the fax you sent in was not legible so we need for you
resend it making sure that the name and number on the card can be read.
Once we have that we can get you approved!


i am very bored from these processes.i paid hosting charge.why are you waiting me for 5 DAYS? other hosting companies have not these process.why only you have these? i am bored.I WANT MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY.

i bought domain and host from godaddy and netfirms.i dont encounter any problem from billing process.However, i am waiting you for 5 DAYS.BE HONEY AND GIVE MY ACCOUNT.

This is a CUSTOMER only forum (mostly). Bitching at us won’t get your account set up.

Until they can positively identify you via your fax, they will not charge you or activate your account. I am surprised that they were able to determine that a mangled fax belonged to you though.

The way I see it you have three options:

1 (or 0): Send a fresh legible fax.
2 (or 1): Offer to pay using a VALIDATED paypal account (Validated is a VERY important thing, otherwise they won’t authorize you either).
3 (or 2): Find another hosting provider. You’re obviously not interested in following instructions. Perhaps another provider would be more up your alley.

And you have one last thing to do - and it’s not really an option: Hold off on complaining here. We’ve heard it all before and we can’t do a dang thing about it for you.

You are not the only one to ever have this kind of problem. There are MANY MANY MANY conversations as to WHY this card rubbing fax process is important to DH - just cruise the forums. Hundreds have bitched before you, hundreds will bitch afterwards. But for $22.50 (or whatever it is now) it’s just not worth hearing it.

Do or do not, there is no try.


I predict a large dropoff in fax rubbing complaints. We have invented a new, easier to use DreamHost crayon.

You’ll just have to write those instructions using that magic crayon.

I can’t believe that people COMPLAIN about you basically giving them free service for a year and asking them to do 10-15 minutes of work.