Account activation

Your customer support is horrible. I switched over from hostgator thinking they had bad customer support when sometimes they would take 30 minutes (usually took 10 to 15), but it’s nothing compared to this. It will take 24 hours to activate my account really? You had no problem charging my credit card though. Seems ridiculous how long it’s going to take and I was reading some posts around here saying it can take 4-5 days? If that’s the case just cancel my account. Other hosts literally take 5 minutes to activate and they have everything set up. There isn’t even a chat option for god’s sake. (well not on my account as I can see, It’s not on the top) SO can I please get some type of reply in a timely manner > 1 hour.

Hello there,

I apologize for any frustration. If you can supply a support ticket# or the domain name on the account we can look into the pending status right away.

Matt C

UPDATE: I was able to locate your account with that email address. Our Approvals team is looking into the pending status and will update you accordingly your patience is appreciated.