Account Activation


I did a quick search and it looks like I may get my account activated over the weekend through this forum (since the department that handles it only works business hours Monday through Friday). This is my ticket number: #5777795, can someone please help activate my account? The link for “Call to activate your account now!” does not work.

Additionally, I asked in that ticket about private domain registration. I didn’t see it anywhere during the sign up process? Does DreamHost do private domain registration?



Yes, unfortunately our Approvals team does work normal business hours (though there’s a possibility of them checking in on Sundays; Unfortunately I’m not positive on that one). Your account might just need to be manually reviewed and approved.

As far as the domain registration privacy, once you’re logged into our panel and able to modify the domain’s WHOIS, you’ll see a little box: “Make my contact information public”. Just unclick it to make it private. :slight_smile:

I created my account on the 26th, waited till the 27th and it wasnt up yet, then message the support on the 27th, #5780429 / #5780098, and still not a single answer nor activation of the account. Do you guys need 48h+ to activate an account?

I hope to the service to be better after activation…

Hi Roberto!

Sorry for the delay over the holiday weekend! Our Approvals team was just getting to your account. Your account was just manually reviewed and approved. Thanks so much for your patience over the weekend!