Account activation


I had subscribed to one of dreamhost’s hosting plans and had made the payment 3-4 days back but my account has not yet been activated. Could someone please let me know how long does it take for an account to be activated.

Inputs would be greatly appreciated


I too am having the same problem…got out organization all paid up late Saturday evening…with the plan of staying up all night with a pot of coffee Saturday and Sunday to get us up and running.

At least hoping to have some web space to work with…I can wait for DNS to replicate.

But it’s been over 48 hours…and I’ve got BUNK!!! No space, no DNS, nothing.

What gives…I’ve never signed up for hosting and not been able to immediately start setting up the site.

Our payment has cleared too…we’re paid up.

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Maybe you two should try sending a support ticket in your web Panel. I pay through Google Checkout the Saturday before and expected to be activated at once. However, it is not the case. I sent a support ticket as suggested by another user here and I got my account activated in the Sunday morning.

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If you search in the forum, you can find some related posts.

It takes some time to activate your accound in DH for some reasons we do not know. But if you have waited for more than 3 days, I think it is worth to send DH support a ticket. If you are in a hurry, send them a “EMERGENCY” ticket.

Good Luck!

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I’ve been waiting for a week now. After 2 tickets, Trey has assured me that an email has been sent to the review dept. telling them to get moving on my authorization.

Thus far, I’m not impressed… though I must say the customer service is far above average, even if the tech service is not.

The VERY LEAST they could do is remove that annoying as hell message in my account assuring me that the trouble will be resolved in one business day. Just tell me, the customer what is going on… I’ll understand. It annoys the hell out of me to be kept in the dark. If it’s going to take longer than usual because the review dept is backlogged (their words), don’t force me to inquire into the matter – Tell me !


Is your account approved?

btw, do you send send tickets in DH panel --> Contact Support? If so, you may want to try a “OMG, EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY” ticket.

Good luck!

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I’m amazed at the variance in time to activate an account. When I set up my account it was active within minutes. When my sister set up her account it was the same.

Does it matter what payment type you use or what address you list?

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No. How you pay and where you live do not matter.

Some people may think that it is faster to be approved if paying using google checkout. But it is not the case. I’ve seen somebody who paid using paypal and get account activated instantly.

We do not know how DH approves an account. All we know is that if they are careful with credit card fraud. :frowning:

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That is true, on both counts, but I see that as cause for a smile :slight_smile: rather than a frown :frowning: : The better Dreamhost is at curtailing credit card fraud, the better they can compete and continue to offer aggressively priced services, and that is a “Good Thing ™”!



From looking at all the recent post. It seems that all payment need to be checked and send to a supervisor to approve before the account is activated. So, the time needed depends on how long it take for the approval procedure.

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I too have had issues with this and I have contacted support although I have not used the “Emergency” status flag. Does the support team read/reply to threads in this forum?


In my time here, they seldom do it unless there is serious claim which they do not agree.

Using support ticket is the right way.

After I send support ticket, my account is activated in a few hours.

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if you have waited too long to get your account acctivated, it is worth to send an “emergency” ticket. They will reply very fast.

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I took your advice and submitted an emergency support ticket and now I’m up and running. Thanks for the support everyone.


You are welcomed

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Welcome to DH!

I’m glad that your problem is solved :wink:

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