Account Activation

I signed up for my Dreamhost account on Friday, about how long will it take to activate (i.e: not ‘account pending’)
Also, when will the domain be available for use?
Just wondering. :slight_smile:

The time to approve an account varies quite a bit, sometimes it’s almost immediate, sometimes it takes a few days. Weekends and public holidays tend to slow the process.

You will know when your account has been approved, as you will receive an email giving you log-in details etc. You will also receive an email telling you that your domain registration has been processed.

Once your account has been approved and your domain registered you will be able to upload content to it. However, the domain will not resolve for a short period (up to 72 hours), due to the DNS information propagating across the Internet.


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some of the users have complained about the same problem. They are not sure when the account will be approved.

Howerver, we can’t do anything but wait for send a ticket to DH support to check.

You may want to refer to some article in the forum

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Wow!! I also joined on the same day and is still waiting for the approval.

I read someone saying Credit Card payments normally get instant activation. I paid so via Google Checkout. Still waiting.

I was under the impression that those paying by Google Checkout would get instant approval.

It might be worth lodging a support request via the support section of the panel and inquiring as to the status of your application. You can log-in to the panel using the email address and password that you specified during the sign-up process.


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Oh yay! It’s done now. Now I’ve got to wait for the domain to be thingied…

I think the delay was got to do with the fact that I registered on Friday, and they don’t work on weekends? It’s strange though, I didn’t think they approved accounts manually. Oh well.