Account Activation

i signed-up for “Monster code” on the 30th Sept. it’s already 1st Oct so there abouts 24 hours or so. how long does it usually take to be “approved”? i thought any online merchant would be stricter with CC purchases. does it take longer since i did a PayPal payment?

also, i’m considering purchasing a IP. is that a dedicated IP? does this mean i can use it for Private Nameserver registration too? i noticed there is no way i can pay for this via PayPal from my admin panel. any clues?

It may be that as a PayPal account it could take longer. If you come from a region of the planet where there have been payment problems it may be a case that your sign-up is being dealt with manually, and as it is the weekend you may have to wait for the business week. I am just guessing at this. I used a CC and it was all set up within about an hour.

It may be that the server dealing with sign-ups is perhaps a bit sluggish and your request is in the queue.

Once you sign up you can make purchases from the ControlPanel billing section and make your payments that way.

You may want to send a message to the sales department via
just in case your sign-on got lost somewhere.


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well, i’m from Singapore. not that i know of many fraud cases here and i’ve got a verified business account at PayPal. guess i’ll have to send in that contact request.